The recently installed stealth camera is near Clacket Lane Services between Junctions 5 and 7 on the M25. In its first few months of operation it has caught three of the countries fastest speeders inlcuding the highest speed recorded last year – 146 mph. Known as ‘Hadecs3’, the devices have drawn crticism because they are hard to spot. Traditional Gatso-style cameras are painted yellow but the stealth cameras are smaller, grey and require no calibration lines on the road. 

Of course we are not condoning breaking the speed limit & support the Highways Agency when thay say the cameras are primarily for safety but this ‘Hadecs3’ has already generated about £150,000 in fines in its first three months. Last week the Labour Party promised to introduce regulations that would see the cameras painted yellow if they won the general election in May.

A similar camera near the A10 / M25:

(source: The Sunday Times)