The Porsche 356 Speedster is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful designs to have ever been produced by the German sports car manufacturer. With prices for a genuine car now running into the hundreds of thousands of pounds it is likely that most of us will rarley see one let alone drive one! The best way forward therefore is to drive a replica car and we offer just that opportunity. Hire the Porsche Speedster from us for your wedding, weekend away or any other special occasion. Visit our website here to hire a Speedster. You can rent the Porsche Speedster by the day which includes insurance and 100 miles. Classic sports car cheap hire has never been so exciting. We also offer other classic cars and modern luxury car hire as well. You can either come and collect the car from us in Battersea, London and start car hire there or have us delivery to you and start your car hire outside London. Give a member of our friendly staff a call on 020 7924 7468 or email